Model Aviation: The Aviator Spruce Goose

Joe Bok’s version of the H-4 Hercules - the worlds largest flying scale model of the legendary aircraft, more affectionately known as the Spruce Goose and several of his other designs have made their way into Hollywood history in the much acclaimed flying sequences for The Aviator. The Spruce Goose flying sequence was featured prominently in the nationally televised trailers for the movie in addition to being featured at the Golden Globe and Academy Award Oscar ceremonies during introductions for Best Picture of the Year award. This is a high honor considering the limited amount of time given to showcase your best film clips in front of a worldwide audience.

Within days of completing the flights of the Hughes XF-11 and Hughes H-1 Racer, in what was one of the most amazing demonstrations of unmanned air vehicle technology for a Hollywood movie, Joe and his team were preparing for what was to become the most rewarding and renowned radio control airplane in history, the worlds largest flyable model of the Hughes H-4 Hercules.

During the month of November 2003, Aero Telemetry had been very busy working for The Aviator. So far the team had successfully designed and flown a single engine ½ scale Hughes Racer, an extremely complex twin-engine 30 foot wingspan Hughes XF-11, and provided several other smaller airplanes. Some of which were flyable WWI biplanes such as British SE-5’s and Fokker D-7’s used for background shots during the filming of the Hells Angels scene. Aero Telemetry also provided the 13 foot motion control model of the Hells Angels Camera Plane, a converted Sikorsky made to look like a WWI Gotha IV Bomber, and a Sikorsky S-38 Flying Boat.

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